Launching the new website of the vozara nayeb Restaurant

1400/03/02 11:34:00

The website of the voazara nayeb Restaurant was created in March 1996 with the latest programming and site design technologies with support for both Persian and English languages.

Launching the new website of the vozara nayeb Restaurant
We are happy to inform our customers and colleagues that the official website of the vozara nayeb Restaurant 
has been published and has been made available to you dear ones from now on.
This website is designed to improve productivity and create effective
and online communication with customers, using the latest programming technologies
and its purpose is to introduce the restaurant space, food, how we host as well as insert the latest news and events for information. Is an update. In this website, by introducing the graphic and special of the restaurant and placing beautiful images,
the brand and reputation of the Nayeb collection have been displayed in line with its name, in order to provide a suitable platform for more communication with you dear ones. We are waiting for your comments regarding Nayeb's new website ...
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