History Of CheloKebab In Iran

Nayeb CheloKebab

History Off CheloKebab In Iran

In 1875, when Nayeb-Gholamhossein (the grand Nayeb) and his family moved to Tehran, he bought a public bath, located at the beginning of “Bazar-e Sahhaf-ha” (the bookbinders’ market). He filled the bath’s reservoirs and furnished the large area of the bath with brocade carpets and ...

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Nayeb Restaurant

Nayeb Is The Best Choise

Nayeb Restaurant

The Biography of Nayeb of Vozara

My name is Mohsen Rafijamal (Nayeb). I am the grand Nayeb’s daughter’s son. Working in my grandfather’s CheloKebab restaurant during summers and all other holidays, until the end of high school, I used to do my utmost to discover all secrets about how to prepare and serve a favorite CheloKebab.

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Nayeb Of Vozara Restaurant

Highest Levels in terms of both quality and quantity

We always endeavor to offer you what is desirable to you in the field of food and that at highest levels of quality and quantity. Cooking the most excellent food meeting highest sanitary standards is the reason why our restaurant is placed amongst the most favorable of restaurants in Tehran.

Employing appropriately trained personnel

As well groomed personnel of the restaurant with good conducts play on effective role in achieving the client satisfaction . Nayeb Restaurant tries diligently to employ well trained employees for your convenience to attain your satisfaction .

Meeting international standards on serving food

We live in an industrialized world where progresses in sciences and technologies of food created new standards for healthy and fully hygienic natural nutrition. Taking into account the Iranian tastes and food traditions on one hand and the state-of-the-art technology on the other, Nayeb Restaurant prepares and provides its respectable clients with meals meeting international standards of cooking and serving food.



Nayeb of Vozara Restourant

Fillet CheloKebab
Loghmeh CheloKebab
Boneless Chicken Kebab
Supreme CheloKebab