History of chelokbab in Iran

In 1875, when Nayeb-Gholamhossein (the grand Nayeb) and his family moved to Tehran, he bought a public bath, located at the beginning of “Bazar-e Sahhaf-ha” (the bookbinders’ market). He filled the bath’s reservoirs and furnished the large area of the bath with brocade carpets and made a pleasant environment to let the businessmen taste his recipe of rice, butter and kabab, for the first time. Nayeb’s innovative recipe obtained such a reception, that nowadays chelo-kabab is known as the national cuisine and “Nayeb” is a leading brand name in the food industries. Since 1875 five generations of our old family have successively passed a costly plan on preparing and offering the national cuisine of Iran with the highest possible levels of any category, in order to act as (authorized) Nayeb chelo-kabab restaurants, in compliance with the food standards of their own time as well as the taste of Iranians.

Now, 120 years after the time, when chelo-kabab was, for the first time, invented in Iran, the name Nayeb, as before, enjoys people’s confidence and reception. Given that this name, belonging to an old and esteemed family, was constantly being misused by an increasing number of opportunists, on 

 the “Nayeb” brand name was in all aspects registered under number 

with the Department for Registration of Companies and Industrial Ownership. Despite of this fact, in some websites unfortunately there are still some individuals or places, misusing “Nayeb” brand name and either present themselves to be entitled to use its benefits, or offer different types of partnership to people. Thus it is strongly recommended to refer to the said department corner of and inquire for the said individuals’ true names as well as the registration number of Nayeb brand name; because merely those are entitled to use this brand name who are in relation with the Reg. No. 72715.

It is obvious that all legal measures, as before, will be constantly taken against such opportunist individuals

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